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The federation board and other functions

Here we present the federation board and different possition they have, which association is the "home association" and to which year they are elected. The board members were elected at the annual meeting in July 2020 or earlier.

Function, name, e-mail etc picture

President, PR, Magazine:

Malin Arlinder Ekberg

malin (at)
ordf (at) 

(NF Bergslagens Solsport), år 2022


Bertil Pålsson

bertil (at)
kassor (at)

(NF Gränsbygden), år 2021


Sylvia Larsson

sylvia (at)
sekreteraren (at)

(NF Skaraborg), år 2021


IT and Webmaster:

Göran Fredriksson

goran (at)
webmaster (at)

(Knähakens NF), år 2022


Peter Benjaminsson

peter (at)
foreningar (at)
(NF Västkusten) år 2022

Youth and sport:

Lena Schöllin

lena (at)
ungdom (at)
(NF Bergslagens Solsport
), år 2021





The year indicated is the year when their madats expires. 
E-mail: NB! Switch (at) for @ and eliminate unneccesary soaces in order to get a functioning address. 
Group mail to the entire board:
Karin Jonnergård (NF Svanrevet)  and Ingrid karlsson (NF Västkusten) were elected as auditors for one year.
Håkan Karlsson (NF Nord) andar Git Blixt (NF Svanrevet) were elected as proxy auditors for one year
Election committee:
Stina Manner (NF Snapphanen),
Sven-Erik Kilsten (NF Bergslagens Solsport) and
Bertil Påhlsson (NFSvanrevet)
Associations common index to members:
Stig Theodorsson (NF Bergslagens Solsport), is responsible for the maintenance of this index to the mebers of the assocations.