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About the federation

Förbundstyrelsen har möteSveriges Naturistförbund, SNF, is the national federation of 20 Swedish Naturist Associations. The Swedish Naturist Federation is a member of The International Naturist Federation (INF).

This web site is mainly intended for existing and presumptive members of associations in the Swedish Naturist Associations and the members of the boards in these associations. We have no individual members associated directly to the federation.

Some of the information presented on the Swedish pages, we assume will be useful even for people outside Scandinavia. These pages have been translated into English and they are presented here.

Other pages, directly intended for people living in Sweden and resident members of the local associations have not been made available in English.

We have assumed that People outside Scandinavia would primarily be interesed in which naturistic recreational possibilities Scandinavia can offer. These are therefore presented on the main webb site of the Scandinavian Naturist Portal. The Swedish Naturist Campings and the Nude Beaches in Sweden are presented on the Main Page of the Scandinavian Naturist Portal.

Another entry to this information is through Google Earth. However, it is necessary to have Google Earth downloaded to your computer in order to be able to use this function.

For more general touristic information you may consult the Swedish tourist Association or Swedish Tourist Offices.

For travelling in Sweden you may consult Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor.

The official address is:

Sveriges Naturistförbund, SNF
Box 160, SE-201 21 Malmö, Sweden

Phone: +46 40 931016