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Contact info

We have no employees who can serve you momentarily. In order to remedy this we have split up the work between the different members of the board. Please contact the person we indicate as being able to give you the best response.

 1.  If you have general questions about where to practise naturism in Sweden:
Please contact SNF per e-mail: naturistturist (at) or use the Scandinavian Naturist Guide on Internet.

2.  If you represent Newspapers, TV or Radio and need contact for articles or programs in general or wirthin a certain geographical area:
Please contakt SNF per e-mail: president (at) or call +46 40 931016 or contact one of the Naturist Associations in the area you are interested in.

3.  If you have questions about membership, please contact a Naturist Association close to where you live.

4.  If you have questions about the relation between associations and federation:
Please contact the person responsible within SNF per e-mail:
foreningar (at)

5.  If you have questions concerning Tillsammans or adverisements:
Please contact the editor per e-mail:
editor (at)

6.  If you have question regarding SNF's web site or
Scandinavian Naturist Guide (Sweden)
Please contact the Webmaster per e-mail:
webmaster (at)

7.  If you have questions regarding money and economy:
Please contact SNF's Traesurer per e-mail:
ekonomi (at)

8.  If you have questions regarding Youth activities:
Please contact the responsible person per e-mail:
ungdom (at)

9.  If you have questions regarding SNF's relation to INF or other national federations:
Please contact the responsible person per e-mail:
international (at)

10.  If you want to ask about Naturist Articles for sale from SNF:
Please contact Sales per e-mail:
tillsalu (at)

11.  If you need to contact the Secretary of the SNF Board:
Please use e-mail:
secretary (at) 

NB! In order to try to avoid spam we have substituted the @ with an (at)

If it is impractical to use E-mail, please write to:

Sveriges Naturistförbund
Box 160
S-201 21MALMÖ, Sweden

or call

+46 40 931016
(Not always somebody at home. Try evenings.)

Again: We do not have any permanent staff. Everything is done after work, in the evenings and over week-ends, so please, have some patience.