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Naturist Camps

Scandinavian Naturist Portal is the entry point to

but it is also the entry to the Home Pages of the Scandinavian Naturist Federations and the Home Pages of all the Scandinavian Naturist Associations

The Portal Page gives the visitor direct acces to useful information related to
what a naturist vistor to Scandinavia will want to know.

Addresses to associations and their Naturist Camps and Resort may be found under "Our associations".

Swedish Naturist Camps are mostly accredited or certified with the Swedish Naturist Federation, SNF. This is marked by a sign (se the picture) and indicates that the camp managemnet will do their best to live up to the ideals of naturism as defined by INF. They will also give a discount on camping fees to bearers of valid INF membership cards provided they even allow entry to non-members at a higher price.

The idea is to give associations without own terrains a possibility to sell memberships with an increased value.