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Nude beaches

There are innumerable possibilities to take a swim in the nude in Sweden since there are such a lot of lakes and rivers and that the coast is very long with thousands of islands and isles. Also the country is sparsely inhabited in relation to southern and central Europe.

Despite this, we have defined a lot of nude beaches. Some are official or municipal nude beaches and others are just used by naturists and other people as a suitable beach for nude bathing.

Some beaches are supervised by the local naturist association to ensure tidyness and and comfort and in order to avoid unwanted attention by single men etc. The municipal and official beaches are recommended if you seek a place for your family where there is no or very little risk to be disturbed by bad behavior.

Normally, you can visit any of the listed beaches without being sexually harrassed or being vitness to any such thing. 

In 1995 the three Scandinavian naturist federation made an agreement. The so called  Roskildeavtalet was formed an signed. The agreement defines an extensive cooperation between the three federations. The most evident demonstration of this is the Scandinavian Naturist Portal.

At the Skandinavian Naturist Portal Front Page  there is a map containing links to well over 100 nude beaches in Sweden and Norway.

The picture is taken at the event when we agreed on developing a common Portal for the Scandinavian federaions, associations and the naturistic facilities in Scandinavia.

All yoy have to do is to click and zoome. There is also a possibility to comment your experience at the beach.   

The Scandivian sign for Nude Beach

You will be seeing this sign at several nude beaches. It is the common symbol for nude beaches and is wideused at the municipal ond official nude beaches.