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Rules of conduct

  1. All INF/NNF members have access to Skovly, who shall observe their federations rules. Upon arrival everyone will register with the management in the main building, regardless of a daily visit or a lenghtly stay. Registered visitors can bring guests.
  2. It is appreciated that everybody practises naturism within the Skovly grounds, weather permitting, and wear textiles outside the area. A towel always to be used when sitting.
  3. Cooking must be done only in the kitchen or in the tents or on the grill. Meals to be taken outside the kitchen, in order to give the next person access to cook. All garbage to be brought out of the area by our visitors.
  4. All guests are required to tidy up, and clean their rooms upon departure. When necessary water and firewood to be carried in to the main building. There are no service staff on Skovly, and all chores must be performed by ourselves. We must all sacrifice half an hour for our common wellbeing. Remember that Skovly was founded as a naturist co-operative 40 years ago, and remains as such.
  5. Main building and cottage must not be left unlocked. By longer absence, advise the hosts how to contact you.
  6. The risks of fire demands caution. Smoking and open flames are absolutely forbidden on the second floor of the main building. Candles in the ground floor never to be left unattended. Everyone shall notice the positioning of fire extinguishers.
  7. Remember the danger of forest fire. Outdoor bonfires are prohibited according to Norwegian law. Lighting of the grill, the sauna and the boiler pan shall be done only by the management, and sufficient water shall be available for the safety.
  8. The majority prefers the quietness of the nature on Skovly, therefore radios and sound equipment should be used with care.
  9. The hosts have the authority to expel persons not following the rules, or in other ways annoying our guests. Boat or canoe only to be used with life vests stored in the sauna entrance.
  10. If pets are brought in, they must be kept under absolute control. Law dictates all dogs on leash. The hosts will decide if pets are allowed into the main building while taking in consideration the wellbeing of other guests.
  11. Nothing unreasonable is asked from our visitor, a little goodwill and common sense is all it takes. The Skovly management wishes you a pleasant stay.

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