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How to find Skovly?

Skovly Naturist Center is situated nearby Asak church, about 4 km. from Halden city

  • From E6, drive eastward through Halden city and continue towards the suburb of Tistedal.
  • Turn left at the first intersection in Tistedal center (near the bridge over the railway), across the river, passing Tistedal church and towards VEDEN where you turn right at sign showing ASAK church.
  • Drive towards Asak church.
  • 100 metres before the church, turn right on private gravel road at sign showing SKOVLY
  • From signboard, abt. 1,8 km. farm- and forest road. Not suitable for heavy wehicles. 
  • Turn to the left of the barn at GJERNES farm. Keep left, and straight through the paddoc of the stable marked STALL GJERNES. Thereafter passing a bungalow villa to your left, and onto the woodtrack for abt. 300 metres, where you find a red/white derric with SKOVLY information. From here it is abt. 600 metres with narrow forest road without meeting places. Then you have found us. Good Job !
  • Please park in the parking area, and kindly Do not drive on the lawn.
  • Address is Torpedalsveien 191. Google maps do NOT SHOW the correct way to Skovly, please follow the directions mentioned in this article. 

Through Halden city, straight through Gimle roundabout and towards Asak Church.

In the routeplanner Visveg, use the dialoue box "Search places" name Gjælnes , Community: Halden. Skovly is abt. 800 metres northeast og Gjernes farm (here Gjælnes) , by the name of Galteryggen.             By train: Skovly is exactly 8 km. from Halden Railway station. (Known to taxis) - or call us.Small guests


59° 8' 51.6516" N, 11° 28' 31.1016" E