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TL;DR:The first time you post here, you will need to verify your e-mail address. If you do not verify, your post will not be published.
The full story: If this is the first time you post something in our guestbook, we require that you provide some credentials: You must provide a verification e-mail address and a byline. The verification e-mail will be used for verification. It will never be shown publicly. The byline will be shown publicly as the byline that identifies the author of the posting. You must verify your e-mail address by clicking on the link that we will send to that address. If you do not verify that e-mail address, you post will not be published. If you do not receive a request to verify within five minutes of posting here, please check your spam filter and if there is nothing there, double-check the spelling of your e-mail address and try again. If you have posted here before, and already have verified your e-mail address, you will probably not be asked to verify your e-mail address again, and your posting will be published immediately, and the byline from your last guestbook posting will be re-used (unless reset). You may, however, from time to time be asked to reverify.

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