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Our History


Skeppsmyra Naturist Camping in Roslagens lap to the blossoming island -

SNN has its roots in the Stockholm nature lovers, where a crowd of enthusiastic caravan owners in the late 70's, started looking for a camping area where they could set up their caravans. His paradise was found at Fållnäsviken the city of Stockholm, (Djursnäs) a half mil northwest of Nynashamn, where in 1980, the municipality of Stockholm, had a lease two beds to a total of about 25,000 m2.

"Djursnäs-section" in Stockholm nature lovers grew, however strong. Camping area is developed in every way, and in 1994 felt all interested parties that the time was ripe to split NSNV's operations into two branches. Stockholm nature lovers - the original compound - kept the business on the island Idskär, while the newly established Stockholm - Nynäs Naturist Society assumed responsibility for action in Djursnäs. From there we moved when the land was sold to new owners. Now we have found a new paradise.

Skeppsmyra 20 oktober 2005


In Skeppsmyra, on the southern part of Björkö, was a campsite where the business for several years been dormant. But any condition existed and club members saw that the place could be a nice naturist camping. The area is very scenic in a genuine archipelago. It is secluded and ideal for naturism.

Position on a rocky headland shoreline both east and west allows for sun, shade and a view of the water. Parking available for 35 caravans, 30 with electricity, plus six specific pitches.

The terrain is partly hilly and some of the sites have high positions with lake views to the west, while the majority are clustered at the camp street. At the entrance to the area is a newly designed reception area, further into a barbecue area and a service building with kitchen and washrooms with two hot water showers, 2 pcs. flush toilets and an underground tank for emptying caravan toilets. We have a drilled well with pressure water. A newly built sauna with a terrace is the beach. A beautiful meadow slopes slightly down towards the beach at the side of this is a boat landing anchored in the rock where there are mooring facilities for visiting boats. Further up there is a small ball field.

Skeppsmyra Strand 2005

The beach to the west consists mostly of rocks and cliffs, but there is a small sandy beach. Caravan and tent campers and day visitors can be received.

Skeppsmyra is the northernmost naturist camp, even if the margin is small in Sandviken in Filipstad and Gustavsberg in Nora, which is basically the same latitude. It is also the only nudist camp, now in the province of Uppland, because the local naturist campsite at Rullsand, in northern Uppland, was wound up after the 2002 season.

The entire area is fenced and consist mainly of deciduous forest. You can wander around and find peace. If you want, that's fine to swim anywhere. At the tip of the cape is a strange oak tree, which survived the Russian invasion of Roslagen in the early 1700's. The oak is marked as ancient monument. Its mighty branches yields flushing a pleasant shade.