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Prices 2023

Prices and fees 2017

 Campingfees/ day

Campingsite SNN o INF                  180 SEK

Campingsite non membership       210 SEK

Tenters/Boat  SNN o INF                 150 SEK

Tältare/Båt non membership          180 SEK

El per dygn    10 amp                        60 SEK

Prices above are for a tent, camper, caravan or boat/family

Booking fee is charged with SEK 300 when booking a campsite (will not be refunded if canceled later than 7 days before arrival. Please note that booking only guarantees you a place at the campsite, requests for special places we take into account if this is possible. 

A family is defined by 2 adults max

Prices include access to hot shower, sauna, kitchen with refrigerator and freezer.


Rent the cottage

1 -2 persons SNN INF                         300 SEK

1-2  person non members                  330 SEK

Thereafter 100 SEK/person and day



No charges for children under the age of 18

A fee will be charged if the reservation is made less than a week before arrival.



After six days, the seventh day free of camping charge

We are pleased to announce that we can now also receive card payments

 For more information call  0176-943 06


DUE / year

Pay latest  28/2


500  SEK

Single 300 SEK

Youth 18-25 year

165  SEK


320  SEK

Supportmember/-single 120 SEK









Campingfees/ season


4000 SEK

Electricity (10amp) /kwh with meter

1,40 SEK

Boat at camp including winterization

100 SEK






If you want to be sure to have a special seasonal place, a 1000 SEK must be paid last 31/12 and the rest 3000 SEK last 28/2

Of course you can the hole sum all at once if you wish

 Payment of membership and season fees paid to our pg.number 475 24 30 -1

For more information call 0176-943 06 alternative is to send mail to