Our comfort guidelines

When traveling to and from the campsite, a maximum speed of 10 km / h applies
In the area you can be dressed or undressed, but we don’t use bikini or swimwear on the beach or sauna, excludig children up to 18 years.

It is the responsibility of each visitor not to behave disturbingly to the surroundings.

Dogs and cats must be tethered and may only bathe at the dog bathing place at the gate.

Resting of dogs must take place outside the area along the new road and the poo must be picked up as usual.

Everyone should be helped to keep the area clean and tidy. Do not throw fumbles or other debris on the ground.

Preferably use the waste sorting located behind the guest kitchen. 
As of this year (2024), there is a law on sorting food waste throughout Sweden. We provide brown paper bags for the purpose and there is a separate food waste bin where you then put the bags.

Drains from caravans must be to a closed system. Wastewater is emptied where the latrine is emptied - at the urinal.

The water from the fresh water tap at the entrance may only be used for drinking water. In addition, seawater is used.

Fishing is prohibited at the bathing area.

Damage to trees and shrubs must not occur on the campsite or in the forest.

Parents are responsible for their children.