Snapphanens Naturistcamping

Snapphanens Naturistcamping at Störsavången is situated in the beautiful Blekinge (the garden of Sweden) in the village Skälmershult.

Snapphanens Camping is SNF Accredited.

GPS-coordinates: 56°23,23'N 14°28,28'E


Naturistföreningen Snapphanen

NF Snapphanen
Möllesjövägen 90,
Tel. +46 70-5821967 (during season) 
E-mail: nfsnapphanen@hotmail.com

We currently accept only cash payment in SEK.

We are also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snapphanens/

The camping lots are 60 - 70 m2 each and they all have a view of the lake. Our enjoyable sauna is heated by a fireplace burning wood and is located close to the showers with hot and cold water.

The club room, Dackebo, can seat 60 persons. The common barbecue is equipped with fixed benches. The beach is well suited for children and a raft is moored at an adequate distance from the shore. There is a children’s play ground with a sand pit, swings and a climbing frame. Fishing is allowed. The guest kitchen is well equipped. Our cabin for rent, Hilton, is furnished for 4 persons with a kitchenette, separate terrace and is well suited for a person in wheel chair. It is prohibited to smoke or have any animals in Hilton and it is therefor even sufficient for allergics. For your physical exercise there are footpaths in the forest behind the camp. We close the entrance to the camp at night in order to ensure undisturbed sleep.

We are located approx. 35 km from Älmhult and14 km from Olofström. There is a road sign, "NF Snapphanen" in the village Skälmershult.

Take road 15 from Olofström towards Lönsboda. After you have past Vilshult you will see a small lake on your right and a camping on the other side of the lake. That is it! Access to the camping is at the northern end of the lake.Take road 15 from Olofström towards Lönsboda. After you have passed Vilshult you will see a small lake on your right and a

Just follow the road signs to "NF Snapphanen" all the way to Störsavången and you have found the place!








  • This is a Naturist Association operated Resort
  • The Camping is open from June 18 through August 27
  • Membership in a naturist association affiliated to INF is not required.
  • The camping can accommodate 35 tents/caravans/motor homes
  • 35 camping lots are furnished with electricity
  • There is 2 cabins for rent
  • There is potable water on the premises
  • There are 4 WCs
  • There are 3 showers with hot and cold water.
  • There is a playground for kids
  • There are sometimes arranged dance evenings or other entertainment
  • There is a guest kitchen available for campers in tents.
  • Washing machine and drier is available on the premises.
  • The camp has a BBQ m
  • Distance to the closest shop for provisions is 10 km in Lönsboda.
  • Distance to closest bus stop is 0,5 km.
  • There are good possibilities to make trips by
  • There is a Nude Beach available on the premises.
  • There is a sauna on the premises
  • Fishing is possible in the lake
  • The camping is partly suitable for people in

We currently accept only cash payment in SEK.



Snapphanens Naturistcamping
Möllesjövägen 90 Vilshult