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What we can offer

The property is approximately 35,000 m2, and is beautifully situated innermost in the Isefjær fiord. The center has a basic, but though comfortable standard. There is a large room for social gatherings., a restaurant and several houses and cabins for overnight accommodation, and a small camping

The property includes about 20 living units of varying sizes with a total of about 70 beds, partly in single storey houses, partly in cabins. Bring your own linen or hire linen on site.

For tents and caravans, a limited number of camping lots are available. Some of the lots have power outlets.

The terrain is hilly, and disabled people should book suitable accommodation.

We have a large gathering room with guest kitchen and a kiosk with a wide range of products. In the restaurant, you can usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner for a reasonable price. However, since we are dependent of voluntaries, you should check the menu in advance. Dinner must be ordered the day before.

There is a central sanitary building with sauna, showers and toilets and an outdoor wooden heated hot tub.


We offer password protected WiFi free of charge..


64° 0' 0" N, 19° 0' 0" E