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Checking in/out

There are no reception personnel employed at Gustavsbergs camping, visitors are checked-in instead by so-called camping  hosts season campers who “volunteer” for this duty at different times. Thus the persons you will meet in this capacity will vary from day to day.

The reception is  open 09.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00 all days.


Drive slowly and follow the road into the site.



Park at the parking place on the right side of the road, just near the garbage container.
You will see the RECEPTION cottage at your lefthand side.


Contact our campinghost who will help you settle in. If host is unavailable, call our mobile number 
(+46 73 642 52 82).
After contact with the camping host, you can most often choose a site yourself and then report its number back to the host.
Choice of place depends on your preferences but it can be worth while to ask others who can often give good advice and you can also have a look at the area map on this homesite before you come.
If possible, it is always a good idea to ring (+46 73 642 52 82) to the site before arriving, indicating that, for example, you need a place with electric power for three nights and that you will arrive at a certain time. You will not be able to book any particular place in advance but the camping host can reserve space if he knows when you will arrive. This will avoid your arriving only to find that the site is fully occupied. You will be told which places are available for selection when you arrive.
Checking out and payment can only be done during receptions opening hours. You can pay in advance and then agree with the camping host with an estimated time of departure.
You are welcome to Gustavsberg!