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Skälsnäs beach north of Växjö


Skälsnäs at Norra Helgö
56° 58' 17.6808" N, 14° 44' 30.5016" E
The beach is located at the lake Helgasjön om a peninsula , Norra Helgö, south/west of Rottne. There is a lavatory and dustbin.  Please comment about the beach as such.



Är det verkligen ett riktigt nakenbad? Var håller vi till vi som vill vara nakna?

Bott här flera år men äntligen hittat hit. Mycket fint och härligt ställe :)

My name is Vladyslav, I am a student and I was there 02.09.2013. Strictly speaking this is not nude beach, because of there aren't any signs or letter plates showing about that. Essentially that is ordinary regular beach but there is quite long sandy coast so I guess if someone not nudist come here it is possible lie down far away from that people and doesn't disturb each other.When I was there, I was only one naked person, but there were also a few ordinary persons. There are tent, benches, fireplaces, waste boxes and toilet. You even able to spend the night, but it cost 40 SEK from person (for this reasons there are special box where you have to put your money). Area is quite roomy green and clean, it is possible even to play a ball or badminton. Beach is very comfortable, very little depth and under water almost every where is sand, so beach convenient for little children. Also there are nice small peninsula where you able to walk without clothes. Conclusions: very lovely place, convenient for nude rest, swimming and sunbathing. But unfortunately that isn't official or traditional nudist beach so in the summer when a lot of people go to the beach it can be difficult to be there naked without any problems. For more information or for any suggestions do not hesitate and write me on e-mail:

This is a SPONTANEOUS beach where nude bathing is established through tradition!

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