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Welcome to the new web site of Knähaken Naturistförening!

The association was formed October 18 1997, with its base in Helsingborg. The association is affiliated with Sveriges Naturistförbund (SNF).

During summer we meet at the nude beach at Knähaken and from September through April we meet on saturdays to have a sauna at Råå Kallbadhus at the same beach.

Address to the Naturist Association Knähaken:

Knähakens Naturistförening
c/o Jan Zetterström, Helsingborgsvägen 156, Påarp, Sweden
Tel. +46 42 227353
Home Page :
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E-mail: knahaken (at)




56° 0' 20.9268" N, 12° 43' 11.1864" E