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Värsnäs at Kalmar


Värsnäs nakenbad
56° 43' 30.99" N, 16° 22' 33.9168" E

The nude beach lies approximately  7 km north of Kalmar on a peninsula, Värsnäs, in the sound Kalmarsund. Drive past the golf course and turn left at the sign "Värsnäsgården". Ther is also a nude beach sign.

The beach was once a municipal beach. The beach is well maintained. There is a sand beach, a lawn, a pier and table with fixed benches.

The beach is operated by the association NF Kalmarsund that left the Swedish naturist federation some 10 years ago.
They even have a small cabin for rent for a maximum of two people for two nights after contact with the association (Tel 0480 26604)


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