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Lilla Älgsjön - Kolmården


Lilla Älgsjön - Kolmården
58° 42' 55.8" N, 16° 18' 19.8" E

Lilla Älgsjön is located in the middle of Kolmården. This is a spontaneous nude beach - who gets there first!

Leave E4 at exit 124, Strömsfors. Drive about 350 m south east on Sjöviksvägen. Turn north on Nyköpingsvägen for about 1000 m. Turn left and drive under the E4 - continue in direction north for about 4 km to a place where you can park your car to the right of the road. Start walking towards Lilla Älgsjön - it is about 200 m to the southeast.

A nice place to take a swim and to just lie in the sun. Sometimes it is frequented by several naturists but it happens that the place is occupied by textilers. The best places are in the inner bay and along the northern shore. You may have to search for a while to fins the ideal place.


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