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Ålabodarna - Landskrona

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Ålabodarna - Landskrona
55° 56' 49.38" N, 12° 46' 0.2784" E

Ålabodarna is located halfway between Helsingborg and Landskrona or about 13 km north of Landskrona at the Öresund shore. It is now an unofficial nude beach, as its status as official has been terminated.

The beach is owned by Landskrona municipality.

There has been some problem with the sand at this beach. Sometimes it is gone, taken by the sea and sometimes it is back. Weather and wind plays tricks with the sand.

Nice sand beach well suited for children when the sand is there.  No toilet , dustbin or  tap water.

Check with the tourist office before you go there: Phone +46 418 16980 (Landskrona Tourist Office).




afbeelding van webmaster SNF

The coordinates is changed. Thanks Jim.

Please correct location of Ålabodarna naturist beach shown on your website. Right now you are mis-directing to the center of Ålabodarna village, while the nude beach is outside Ålabodarna to the north. The entrance is located at 55° 56' 49.38" N, 12° 46' 0.28" E. Thank you for your awesome service! Jim

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