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Season ticket campers

You can rent a camping site for the whole season at Gustavsberg. Many do this and then spend much of their leisure time at Gustavsberg. Many rent the same site year after year. One of the greatest advantages is that there is then no need to tow the caravan there each time you decide to spend a day or two or more at your summer paradise. Or you can have a reserved place available at all times, just when you need it.

How much does it cost?
A season site costs
SEK 3 500:- + SEK 1 500:- for electric power (if you think this necessary).
You can also rent a room for SEK 5 300:- (Jan-Dec).
To enjoy this privilege, you must be a member or a supporting of NBS.
As a season camper, you are expected, during the season, as far as you can, as a volunteer, to share some of the site maintenance work such as spring cleaning, launching and beaching the off-shore-pontoon and other necessary tasks. You can also volunteer your services as camping host for different periods during the season.
A more definite requirement is that you are responsible for the daily house-keeping of the ablutions building on at least two days. It is the season campers who have agreed to perform this as a contribution to minimizing the costs of the camping site as a whole. We also
expect that you will yourself want to keep the grass at your own site neat and tidy. You can borrow a mower for this.
In return, you will enjoy a wonderful natural environment in which to spend your leisure time in good company. It is always a pleasure to meet arriving campers with the same interest, some you recognize from previous visits, others new to the site. Many guests from abroad arrive during the summer which makes the Gustavsberg Camping site an international meeting place.