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VNF is an active naturist association for all naturists, nude bathers and all those who thrive best without a thread when appropriate.

We are very concerned that all naturists, especially young people, children and their parents, and women will feel safe with us.

We focus on recruiting new members, especially young people.

VNF was established in 1976.

Today we are about 165 members, spread over our coverage area, such as Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal.

Our websites will tell you a little about what we are doing and what we can offer you (unfortunately only in Norwegian).

Please send us an email if you've got any comments or suggestions.

We are an association for all naturists, whether a member or not. But in order to maintain the offer we have and in developing even a better offer for you to enjoy the freedom in the nude, we are dependent on quite a few members. If you are not a member, sign in. If you already are a member, bring a friend.

Join VNF today and support our work!

Membership prisce 375, - kr per calendar year. Follow the link "Bli medlem" for more information and to sign up for the VNF.

"Why organize?". One of the main reasons is that naturism has not yet been accepted by authorities and individuals.

By standing together we are stronger and hopefully more visible in marking our opinion.

A bit about naturism
Early in the last century (1920-1930) we got the first organized naturism. Initially, groups in Central Europe formed clubs or associations and met in closed areas. In Germany in 1930 a meeting was held between naturists from several countries. This meeting was the beginning of International Naturist Federation (INF-International Naturist Federation/FNI Federation Naturism International).

Today INF/FNI contains 31 national naturist associations from all over the world, including the Norwegian federation NNF. INF's main purpose is to disseminate information about naturism and through this, create more naturist areas.

The very essence of naturism is to experience nudity as a natural matter, in nature, in the sun, by the sea, in social settings - when conditions are appropriate. Naturism highlights self-respect and respect for others.

Everyone is welcome as long as they behave in accordance with our and the naturist's etiquette.

In Bergen VNF organizes naked indoor swim from September to May in Landåshallen.

Beaches can be found by using the link on the left menu.

Kind regards Arild Hauge, head of the VNF