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Nude Beach

Sandviken at Önskasjön - Örnsköldsvik

Örnsköldsvik has one nude beach: Sandviken in the lake Önskasjön.

Drive to Dammviken and park the car. about 5 min walk along a path. There is a sign and the path is marked by blu ribbons.
The beach is quite small and secluded and the sand beach is narrow but gets wider on dry summers.
The beach is in shadow in te morning


Sandviken in the lake Önskasjön
63° 44' 57.48" N, 18° 48' 12.96" E

Stamsjöbadet - Åsele

The official nude beach is located just west of Åsele and is part of the municipal beach.

We have no information about the condition of the beach and conveniences. There are toilets and dustbin on the textile section of the beach.

Please send any info about this nude beach to the webmaster [at] naturistnet.org (Webmaster)


Stamsjöbadet - Åsele
64° 10' 3" N, 17° 17' 13.92" E

Fönebo at Norra Dellen - Hudiksvall

Fönebo is an unofficial nude sand beach located at the northern beach of Norra Dellen river, about 45 km from Hudiksvall. 

Drive from Delsbo past Bjuråker (road No 305). Turn north-east at Friggesund and continue along the beach of Norra Dellen.
About 700 meters before you arrive at the Fönebo textile beach and camping, park your car at the "M" signs and walk about 100 meters through the woods.


Fönebo nude beach
61° 55' 16.68" N, 16° 42' 51.84" E

Lulviksbadet - Luleå

Lulviksbadet is an official nude beach located about 10 km south of Luleå center towards Kallax airport.

There are good BBQ possibilities and there is a simple toilet and dust bins. 

The sand beach is shallow 20 - 30 meters with a ramp out in the Baltic Sea.

It is also possible to put up a tent for a day or two.


Lulviksbadet -Luleå
65° 32' 43.8" N, 22° 9' 22.32" E

Huk - Oslo

This is a very popular and highly frequented official free beach on the Bygdøy peninsula close to the center of Oslo.

Take bus 30 (Bygdøy) from Oslo to its terminal at Bygdøy. Walk down the small road for about 150 meter in the direct continuation of the main road.
If you arrive by car there is a carpark (parking fee) just 100 meter from the beach. Expect traffic jams on nice days - use the bus or a bicycle!


59° 53' 47.2956" N, 10° 40' 21.7308" E


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